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Liberalization of Qatari Law

Compared to other Gulf countries, Qatar is liberal with rules and guidelines concerning law. Yet, when it comes to its neighbors like Bahrain and UAE, the country restrains from liberalizing itself completely.

Although Qatar is a civil law jurisdiction, the Sharia law judges family matters, inheritance lawsuits and criminal cases. On the other hand, Qatar allows women to drive whereas Saudi Arabia bans women from doing so. This changing scenario justifies Qatar.s role in enhancing the quality of human rights and gender equality imposed by HRA.

After the current Emir, Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani assumed the role of monarchy in 1995; Qatar went under a rapid transformation of advancement, especially in regards to women. They got an equitable right to vote and hold senior government positions... READ MORE »

Hiring a lawyer in Qatar

hire lawyer qatar

In many countries, lawyers and attorneys from specialized practice areas are assigned a relevant case so that they can handle it a professional sense. In countries like Qatar, there is no compulsion that a lawyer should handle your case or represent you in court. With the permission of the court, it is possible to act for yourself. However, since legal proceedings take place in Arabic it is best to hire a translator. Despite the consent to resist the help from a professional lawyer, it is best to hire one, since he is best suited to detangle the complexities of the case. READ MORE »

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the judicial system in Qatar?
Ans: The three-tier judicial system in Qatar comprises of the Courts of Justice / Sharia Courts at the base, Appeal Court of Justice / Sharia Court of Appeal in the middle and the Court of Cassation at the top. The ruling of the Court of Cassation cannot be challenged.

2. What are the legal prohibitions in Qatar?
Ans: Prohibited items in Qatar for import: weapons and ammunition, pornography, drugs, alcohol and pork Alcohol consumption while driving and in public places is forbidden. In addition, public display of affection between heterosexual or homosexual couples is outlawed.

In Qatar, under Sharia Law who gets the child's custody after talaq?
Ans: The mother gets the child's custody until the age of thirteen for a daughter and until the age of eleven for boy, after which it is passed to the father. READ MORE »

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